2021 Here We Come

2021 Here We Come

Happy New Year, everyone!

It really happened, we have managed to get through 2020.

Even though celebrations were pretty modest, almost everyone feels some kind of relief to be entering a new year. The year 2020 will remembered by most as a challenge, by some as the very worst year of their life. Our deepest condolences and prayers go out to everyone that has lost someone.

And some other might not have lost people but are still struggling with the long term health problems from the virus. We hope that you will be able to recover fully and quickly.

Now I would like to present a small reality check. We might feel that we are entering a new year but almost everything is still the same. We might fill out a different date on our receipts but all the challenges from 2020 are still happening right now.

I am not saying this to make anyone feel bad or to be a negatie Nancy. I am saying this because I want us all to rise up to the challenge. Hope is a great motivator but doesn't actually change things. That is up to us!

So let's all get to work and build our world the way we want it.

Have a great 2021!